Paako/ Pakko


Pakko Embroidery is practiced by the Sodha, Rajput and Megwar communities belonging to Gujarat. The word ‘pakko’ literally means solid, referring to the dense stitches that are used. The embroidery work covers almost the whole area of the base cloth. The designs used in the Pakko Embroidery are created using free hand drawing, which are later made on the base cloth using stencils. The outlines are created using a square chain stitch. The fillings are done using a denser variety of the buttonhole stitch with a slightly raised level. Commonly used motifs are peacocks, parrots, scorpions, elephants, milkmaids and flowers, done in a geometric fashion. There is also an ample use of mirrors in this embroidery.

Pakko embroidery mirrored skirt:

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