Picturesque and vivid Rabari bharat eulogizes creativity and imaginative fervor executed on any piece of textiles. The spontaneous compositions, vibrant colors and graphical motifs add in vivacity to fashion products while amassing spirit and vigor in life style accessories.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical motifs conceptualized based on surrounding topography and reflecting a lot of verve and pleasure in creation symbolizes their wandering lives. Rabari embroidery is a plethora of square, triangular, rectangular, circular patterns composing to form abstract motifs of birds and animals, flowers and fruits, landscape and seascape, insects and reptiles. Linear abstraction filled in with intricate stitches and mirrors are simply created reflecting the observant and exceptional nature of a Rabari woman.

Chain stitch accompanied by an array of accent stitches adds in graphically illustrative quality in their needlework. The ‘bakhiya’ local name for the back stitch is one of the simplest stitches adding in a lot of emphasis to their creative work. The bright and vibrant color palette used on the contrasting background of white or black with sparkling mirrors is easily distinguished with other needle works in the region. One of the most distinctive characteristics of Rabari embroidery is the contrasting and non repetitive use of colors.

PS: Some women believe that the mirror on the cradle cloth protect their children from evil spirits.

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