Suf Bharat


Arithmetically lyrical motifs, laid on the surface of textile products celebrating the intertwined effect of a fabric mark the identity of Suf embroidery. The name of Suf embroidery derived from the word saaf or neat and clean portrays the individuality of its brand. Another significance of the name lies in the angular formation of patterns which is inherent quality of the Suf technique.

The intricately, delicate technique of Suf proves out to be a painstaking process in which the embroiderer, creates patterns with surface satin stitch used from the back of the material, while meticulously counting the warp and weft of the fabric. Each creator envisages a design and translates it into simple geometrical patterns and directly applies it in her embroidery without pre-drawing on the surface. Each and every thread is counted in reverse to create balanced, symmetrical, patterns with triangular minutiae. An array of motifs showcasing flowers, leaves, trees, fruits, birds and animals are created with this methodical process.

This attribute of the technique also confines the range of fabrics compatible to the embroidery. Suf is comfortably applicable on fabrics whose structure is visibly countable, hence for all the handmade enthusiasts; Suf offers the delight of being stitched more than often only on handloom fabrics.


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