Kashmiri embroidery/ Kashida


Kashmiri embroidery or kashida is colourful and beautiful as Kashmir itself. Embroiders often draw inspiration from the nature around. Motifs of flowers, creepers and chinar leaves, mango etc. are the most common ones.

The base cloth whether wool or cotton, is generally white or crème or other similar shades. Pastel colors are also often used. The craftsmen use the color shades often blending with the background.

Cushion Covers:

Very few stitches are used on one fabric. At times the whole fabric is done in a single stitch type. These stitches are often called Kashmiri stitch. Kashmiri embroidery is known for the skilled execution of a single stitch. Chain stitch, satin stitch, the slanted darn stitch, stem, herringbone and sometimes the doori or knot stitches are used but not more than one or two at a time.

Kashida is now done on darker backgrounds as well.

Kashmiri embroidery on shawls:

Kashmiri embroidery on clothes:

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